Many of our readers ask us to share with them some sites from where they can easily download Bollywood movies and web series for free. Although every time our answers is that they should stay away from piracy as much as possible. But we decided to create a series of posts that dives deep into such pirate sites as a way to inform the readers about all the risks of using them. In this post, we’ll be covering each and every aspect of a site called SD Movies Point, which has over 2 million monthly Google searches and that too alone from India.

NOTE: in no way endorses the actions of SD Movies Point. This post is strictly for informative purposes only.

What is SD Movies Point?

sd movies point download movies online

You know a site is popular among masses when it gets millions of organic traffic despite so many restrictions imposed by the Govt. Of India. Although the main site has already been banned a long time ago, SD Movies Point operates from a proxy domain ( https;// ) which is just 1 month old (this post was written on 17-03-2020) and chances are it will be removed soon.

What kind of content is available on SD Movies Point?

  • Bollywood Movies
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Punjabi Movies
  • Dubbed Movies
  • Web Series
  • Dubbed Web Series
  • Pakistani Movies

SD Movies Point is a wholesome site with contents from many genres and many languages and also offers quite good quality.

How frequent is SD Movies Point updated?

SD Movies Point is a highly active site and is updated on a regular bases. You can expect that any newly released movie will be uploaded on this site within few days of release. Plus users can also join their Telegram page to stay updated by the admins of the site itself.

Is Online streaming available on SD Movies Point?

No, SD Movies Point has a huge database of movies and TV series but the website is quite basic. It offers a free download of the latest movies but no option of online streaming is available.


Does SD Movies Point have dubbed movies?

Yes, SD Movies Point has a completely separate menu for Hollywood movies and web series dubbed in Hindi but I didn’t find any Tamil or Telugu dub of Hollywood movies.

Are subtitles available on SD Movies Point?

No, SD Movies Point doesn’t have an option to download subtitles but since it uploads a dubbed version of almost every Hollywood movie you may ignore the need for subtitles.

Is it necessary to sign up to download a movie from SD Movies Point?

No, to download a movie from SD Movies Point you don’t need to sign up on the website. Downloading movies is not a simple procedure on this website as it redirects to you 2 or 3 other pages once you click the download link.

What print quality are available on SD Movies Point?

3 Quality options are available on SD Movies Point to download free movies.

  • 360p
  • 740p
  • 1080p

All videos are downloaded as a .mkv file which means you may need to install a custom video player on your device like VLC or an Mkvplayer.

What are the latest working links of SD Movies Point?

The lastest working link of SD Movies Point:
https;// (Copy/Paste in your browser)

Other Proxy Links of this site are as follows:

Is there any Mobile app of SD Movies Point?

No, SD Movies Point currently doesn’t have any mobile app but the website can be easily accessed on mobile devices also. Continue reading to know how to use it on different devices.

How to browse SD Movies Point on Desktop or Mobile?

Being a pirate website SD Movies Point domains get repeatedly blocked by the government for its unlawful deeds. If you are reading this blog from India and wish to explore this type of website you must be connected to a VPN or a Proxy network.


How to download movies from SD Movies Point for free?

SD Movies Point provides a variety of content to download which mainly includes the latest Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, and web series. Downloading process in pirate websites is a bit messy because of the irrelevant pop-up ads that keep opening up every time we click on a link.
Following steps are required to follow to download a movie from SD Movies Point for free:

1. Connect your device to a VPN server.
2. Copy Paste the website URL.
3. SD Movies Point home page will appear like the image below.

sd movies point watch bollywood movies online for free

4. There is a basic menu and a search bar at the right to look for movies and shows.
5. Clicking on the movie that someone wishes to download takes us to movie page, followed by some pop-up ads.
6. Clicking download redirects to the server page holding the file.
7. On the server page, there’s an option that says “generate link” clicking on which creates the final download link for the movie.

Is it safe to use SD Movies Point?

It is never safe when you open a site that is publishing pirated content. You can never be assured of what gets downloaded after clicking a link Such kind of sites is always a soft target for hackers. Be very vigilant while using SD Movies Point.

What about the site’s owner and how they make money?

SD Movies Point is not a legitimate site, so it really difficult to find the owner’s identity. Owners of such sites always go deep lengths to hide their identities.

SD Movies Point makes money by showing ads on its site. If you have used the site then you know that it is filled with pop-up ads. Considering the massive monthly traffic of SD Movies Point, it is making a tonne of money through ad revenue.

What are the alternatives to SD Movies Point?

Here are some sites that perform same action as SD Movies Point:
1. Movierulz
2. Moviezwap
3. Hindilinks4u
4. TodayPk
5. YoMovies


What is a Pirate Website?

A website that publishes original content without any rights or consent of the owners is called a pirate website.

What is the purpose of such websites?

The ultimate purpose of these websites is to earn money at the cost of leaking movies and web series online illegally.

How to recognize an illegal website?

Commonsense works well. No content maker would allow his work to be publicly displayed without getting paid for it. Any website that doesn’t fulfill the interest of the content maker but still showcases content without the owner’s consent is an illegal website.

What could be the consequences of visiting such websites?

Copyright Act, 1957 explains piracy as theft, no matter the source as long as it is not from the official owner downloading or streaming movies stands illegal. Although there is a very low chance of you being visited by the cops once you stream or download any movie online but there is always a risk of your IP address being tracked by the Cybersecurity and you may have to end up finding yourself a lawyer or at least paying a fine.

Is there any legal way to watch movies online?

Yes, there are more legal than illegal ways to watch movies and web series online. The obvious answer to this question would be watching content from official sources like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Plan a movie with your dearest friends and buy tickets for the latest movies. Online piracy is a threat to the entertainment industry.

Disclaimer: is a fully law-abiding site and endorsed as such. We in no way promoting or support the above-mentioned site (SD Movies Point). Also, we encourage our readers to do the right thing and say no to piracy.

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