It is not a hidden fact that a lot of people in India consume entertainment through not so legal mediums. As a result, hundreds of sites have emerged on the internet that provides its users pirated content for free.

So we decided that how about we give you a brief knowledge of few such sites that have become super popular among the masses. In this post, we’ll be covering each and every aspect of a site called TodayPk, which has over 1.5 million monthly Google searches and that too alone from India.

NOTE: in no way endorses the actions of TodayPk. This post is strictly for informative purposes only.

What is TodayPk and why is it so famous?

todaypk download movies online for free

TodayPk is a heavily searched sites on the internet when it comes to downloading Indian movies for free. The original site came into existence on 21-08-2011 and since then it has been flagged by the Indian authorities for uploading copyrighted content. So currently TodayPk operates from a proxy domain ( ) which is just 10 days old (this post was written on 16-03-2020) and chances are it will be removed soon.

What kind of content is available on TodayPk?

Pirate websites like TodayPk collect content from various unofficial sources and uploads them on the website for public use. The process and the website itself is completely unethical as it completely destroys the rights and ownership of movies and web series. TodayPk uploads a variety of such content which mainly include:

todaypk Bollywood movies for free
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Punjabi Movies
  • Tamil Movies
  • Telugu Movies
  • Hindi Dubbed Movies
  • Netflix Web Series
  • Amazon Prime Web Series
  • Pakistani Movies

Its a jackpot of everything. If you are looking for anything chances are you’ll be able to find it on this site.

How frequent is TodayPk updated?

TodayPk is quite famous in India among people who like to watch free movies online. We visited this website and were surprised to see not only the latest Hindi and English movies but the latest web series was also available on todaypk for free streaming and free download. There are no such details regarding upload date which show when exactly the movies are uploaded but still, we concluded that TodayPk is updated at least once a week.

Is Online streaming available on TodayPk?

todaypk hindi dubbed movies

Yes, anyone visiting TodayPk can easily watch movies and web series for free.


Does Todaypk have dubbed movies?

Yes, TodayPk has a separate category for Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

Are subtitles available on TodayPk ?

No, subtitles are not available in every movie. Although there might be few rare cases.

Is it signing up necessary to download or watch a movie online on TodayPk ?

No, to download or to watch a movie online on TodayPk you don’t need to sign up on the website neither it asks you to confirm any Recaptcha.

What print quality are available on TodayPk?

The following options are available for downloading and streaming movies online on TodayPk:

  • 360p
  • 720p
  • 1080p

What are the latest working links of TodayPk?

The lastest working link of TodayPk: (Copy/Paste in your browser)

Other Proxy Links of this site are as follows:

Is there any Mobile app of TodayPk?

Yes, TodayPk can also be accessed on its mobile app named TodayPk.apk. It also provides free access to the latest movies and pirated content with faster downloading and streaming speed than the website.

TodayPk.apk’s Specs:

File Size2 MB
Requirement Android 4.0 or above
Last Updated18 December 2019

How to browse TodayPk on Desktop or Mobile?

As of March 2020, TodayPk isn’t blacklisted by the government of India for providing an open-source to download free movies online and therefore don’t require any VPN or proxy.

Accessing TodayPk on Desktop is quite similar, just paste the links we have mentioned above on the URL box and one is good to go.


How to download movies from TodayPk for free?

TodayPk allows free download of the latest Tamil/Telugu/Hindi/English movies in HD quality. Following steps are required to follow to download a movie from TodayPk for free:

The details mentioned below are just to educate readers about how this website functions, we don’t advise anyone reading this to follow the steps and download or watch movies from illegal sources.

1. Connect your device to a VPN network
2. Open a web browser and copy-paste the latest working website link of TodayPk.
3. Recaptcha confirmation may be required before the home page shows up.
4. TodayPk homepage will appear like the image below.

todaypk download web series online

5. Explore through menus or search for any movie on the search bar.
6. Click on the movie you want to download.
7. Without any ads or any popups, a neat page with both streaming and downloading options will open up
8. Select the quality and the movie will start downloading.

TodayPk Website Statistics

Monthly Visitors2 to 4 millions
Organic Searches100%
Paid Traffic0%
Website age9 years
Number of Domains30+
Monthly IncomeNo Data Available

Is it safe to use TodayPk?

It is never safe when you open a site that is publishing pirated content. Such kind of sites is always a soft target for hackers. Be very vigilant while using TodayPk.

What about the site’s owner and how they makes money?

TodayPk is not a legitimate site, so it really difficult to find the owner’s identity. Owners of such sites always go deep lengths to hide their identities.

TodayPk makes money by showing ads on its site. If you have used the site then you know that it is filled with pop-up ads. Considering the massive monthly traffic of TodayPk, it is making a tonne of money through ad revenue.

What are alternatives of TodayPk?

Here are some sites that perform same action as TodayPk:
1. Movierulz
2. Moviezwap
3. Hindilinks4u
4. SdMoviesPoint
5. YoMovies


What is a Pirate Website?

A website that publishes original content without any rights or consent of the owners is called a pirate website.

What is the purpose of such websites?

The ultimate purpose of these websites is to earn money at the cost of leaking movies and web series online illegally.

How to recognize an illegal website?

Commonsense works well. No content maker would allow his work to be publicly displayed without getting paid for it. Any website that doesn’t fulfill the interest of the content maker but still showcases content without the owner’s consent is an illegal website.

What could be the consequences of visiting such websites?

Copyright Act, 1957 explains piracy as theft, no matter the source as long as it is not from the official owner downloading or streaming movies stands illegal. Although there is a very low chance of you being visited by the cops once you stream or download any movie online but there is always a risk of your IP address being tracked by the Cybersecurity and you may have to end up finding yourself a lawyer or at least paying a fine.

Is there any legal way to watch movies online?

Yes, there are more legal than illegal ways to watch movies and web series online. The obvious answer to this question would be watching content from official sources like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Plan a movie with your dearest friends and buy tickets for the latest movies. Online piracy is a threat to the entertainment industry.

Disclaimer: is a fully law abiding site and endorse as such. We in no way promoting or support the above mentioned site (TodayPk). Also we encourage our readers to do the right thing and say no to piracy.

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