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PlatformAlt Balaji & Zee5
DirectorHarsh Dehiya
Writer Reshu Nath
ProducerSarita A. Tanwar
Niraj Kothari

After a very successful Season 1 that aired on Alt Balaji on 29 Nov 2018, there was a huge demand for a second season. People loved the chemistry between the main characters and wanted to see more of them. Plus, the first season ended on a cliffhanger, so another season was a must. Alt Balaji partnered with Zee5 and released the much anticipated ‘Broken but baautiful Season 2‘ on 27 Nov 2019, with the same lead cast as in season 1.


Veer and Sameera end their short yet memorable relationship. They often cross path with each other but always pretend to act normal and try to move on in their lives. Sameera gets into a relationship with her childhood buddy Ahaan and Veer also jump into a relationship with Debbie, his work colleague. Though both of them try hard to sincerely commit to their new partners, their past continues to haunt them.

Will Veer and Sameera finally be able to leave everything in the past?
Are they destined to be together?

Main cast:

  • Vikrant Massey
  • Harleen Sethi
  • Gaurav Arora
  • Anuja Joshi

Vikrant Massey

Vikrant Massey as Veer in broken but beautiful season 2 cast

Vikrant Massey have become a recognizable face in Indian Web Series industry after his back to back appearance in web series like Criminal Justice, Mirzapur and two consecutive seasons of Broken but Beautiful. He is playing the lead male role (Veer) in the series.

Harleen Sethi

A picture of Harleen Sethi playing the role of Sameera in Broken but Beautiful season 2 cast

Harleen is playing the main female role (Sameera) in the web series. Harleen is a budding actress with few short movies and two web series under her belt including Broken but beautiful.

Gaurav Arora

Gaurav Arora playing the role of Ahaan in Broken but beautiful season 2 cast

Gaurav plays the role of Ahaan, a new character introduced in Broken but beautiful Season 2. Ahaan is the childhood friend of Sameera and also her love interest.

Anuja Joshi

Anuja Joshi as Debbie in Broken but beautiful Season 2 cast

Anusha plays the role of the second female lead character Debbie. Debbie is also a new character introduced in Season 2. Debbie works for Veer and is in a romantic relationship with him

Supporting Cast

  • Akriti Singh as Agni
  • Pooja Bhamrah as Porno
  • Jitin Gulati as Karthik
  • Poppy Jabbal as Ishanvi
  • Nikhil Sabarwal as Adil
  • Meherzan Mazda as Parth
  • Sameer Roy as Neil

Broken but Beautiful Trailer:


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