YouTube is the most popular streaming platform in the entire world. It has hundreds of millions of videos and over 30 million people across the globe use YouTube daily. 

While most of the videos uploaded on YouTube fails to get considerable views, very few videos make it to the top and get billions of views. In this post, we’ll be showing you a list of 20 Most Viewed Videos on YouTube in India. 

NOTE: Views on these YouTube videos are constantly changing and new videos are uploaded every day, some of which can go viral and move to the top. Thus we update this post frequently to keep it relevant at all times. 

Last Updated: 9 May 2020

1. Phonics Song with TWO Words – A For Apple

  • Channel: ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs
  • Upload Date: 03-08-2014
  • Views: 2,484,751,688
  • Duration: 4:05
  • Type: Kids Nursery Rhyme
  • Language: English

ChuChu TV is among the Top 100 most subscribed channels on YouTube globally with close to 35 Million followers. The entire channel revolves around creating animated content for small kids between 3 to 8 years old. ‘Phonics Song with TWO Words‘ is a video spelling two words that start with every alphabet and it is the most viewed video on YouTube in India with 2.5 Billion views and counting.

2. Hush a Bye Baby

  • Channel: Infobells
  • Upload Date: 09-16-2017
  • Views: 1,811,658,020
  • Duration: 2:13
  • Type: Lullaby for Babies
  • Language: English

The second spot of the most viewed video on YouTube in India also goes to a video that is centered around kids. The video is created by Infobell, a channel that creates animated content for small kids like nursery rhymes and lullabies. Hush a Bye Baby is an English bedtime song for small babies so that they can have a good sleep. The animation used in this video is top quality.

3. Johny Johny Yes Papa and Many More Videos

  • Channel: ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs
  • Upload Date: 11-14-2014
  • Views: 1,738,611,097
  • Duration: 1:06:04
  • Type: Kids Nursery Rhyme
  • Language: English

The video was released on Children’s Day in 2014 and is a collection of 50+ Popular Nursery Rhymes. With over 1.7 Billion views and a duration of over one hour, it is the perfect video to keep small kids happy and engaged without any distraction of video ending anytime soon.

4. Humpty the train on a fruits ride

  • Channel: Kiddiestv Hindi
  • Upload Date: 01-26-2018
  • Views: 1,511,951,856
  • Duration: 4:45
  • Type: Kids Stories
  • Language: Hindi

You can say that YouTube India is ruled by kids. The only difference that this video has from the top 3 is that it is in Hindi. This video is created by Kiddiestv Hindi that makes animated videos aimed for kids in Hindi. Humpty the train on a fruits ride is a story of a train named Humpty who goes on a ride to meet his fruit friends. This video is aimed to teach kids about the names of different fruits.

5. Johny Johny Yes Papa Nursery Rhyme | Part 3

  • Channel: CVS 3D Rhymes & Kids Songs
  • Upload Date: 01-26-2017
  • Views: 1,257,063,880
  • Duration: 3.07
  • Type: Kids Nursery Rhyme
  • Language: English

After watching the list of the top 5 most viewed videos on YouTube in India, it is pretty clear that kids won it all. Johny Johny yes Papa is a classic nursery rhyme all around the globe. But this video alters the basic Johny Johny yes Papa and adds a few more conversations between Johny and his father and mother.

6. Lakdi ki Kathi

  • Channel: Jingle Toons
  • Upload Date: 06-14-2018
  • Views: 1,185,592,520
  • Duration: 4.27
  • Type: Kids Nursery Rhyme
  • Language: Hindi

It is a fact that every kid in India knows this song by heart. Lakdi Ki Kathi is a very popular song among the kids and also used as a lullaby by Indian parents. Jingle Toons has made a very nice music and animation video for this iconic song.

7. Surprise Eggs Nursery Rhymes

  • Channel: ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs
  • Upload Date: 09-22-2015
  • Views: 1,126,494,205
  • Duration: 10:06
  • Type: Kids Stories
  • Language: English

It is an animated video showing a group of kids visiting a farm with their teacher. The farm has lots of domestic animals. As the kids roam around the farm and see different animals, they learn many things. It is a great video you watch to teach kids about the names of different animals and what they offer to us.

8. Finger Family Collection – 7 Finger Family Songs

  • Channel: Videogyan – Nursery Rhymes & Songs For Kids
  • Upload Date: 10-30-2013
  • Views: 1,092,350,884
  • Duration: 10:06
  • Type: Kids Nursery Rhymes
  • Language: English

The eighth spot for the most viewed video on YouTube in India also goes to another animated video of a nursery rhyme. It is a very basic song for kids below 5 to listen to and enjoy. The video is 10 minutes long but it repeats the same poem again and again just with different characters singing it.

9. Laung Laachi

  • Channel: T-Series Apna Punjab
  • Upload Date: 02-21-2018
  • Views: 1,077,508,460
  • Duration: 3:04
  • Type: Song
  • Language: Punjabi

Finally, on the ninth spot, we have a video which is not a kids nursery rhyme but an actual song. Laung Laachi is a Punjabi song from the movie by the same name and is sung by Mannat Noor, starring Ammy Virk and Neeru Bajwa. Lyrics are of Harmanjit and music is given by Gurmeet Singh. This video is giving a tight competition to the video on the 8th spot and in the future, it might get that position.

10. Hanuman Chalisa

  • Channel: T-Series Bhakti Sagar
  • Upload Date: 05-10-2011
  • Views: 972,657,668 
  • Duration: 9:41
  • Type: Devotional Song
  • Language: Hindi

It is a surprise that the main channel of T-Series that has the most subscribers in the world is unable to place a video on the top 10 list of most viewed video on YouTube in India. But it’s sides are surely getting the job done. Hanuman Chalisa is considered one of the most sacred songs in Hinduism and that is why it has close to 1 Billion views and surely it will not stop increasing in the future too. 

11. Chal Chal Gurram

  • Channel: Infobells
  • Upload Date: 11-18-2016
  • Views: 966,655,308
  • Duration: 1:57
  • Type: Kids Nursery Rhyme
  • Language: Telugu

Another nursery rhyme from Infobells that is about to hit the one billion views benchmark on YouTube is “Chal Chal Gurram”. This is a short Telugu rhyme that portrays the joy of riding a horse. The video was once among the top three most viewed YouTube video India after it went viral among the Telugu speaking regions.

12. Nani Teri Morni Ko Mor Le Gaye (नानी तेरी मोरनी)

  • Channel: Jingle Toons
  • Upload Date: 03-11-2016
  • Views: 964,294,452
  • Duration: 4m 4s
  • Type: Kids Nursery Rhyme
  • Language: Hindi

Rhyme of the century we would say. From boomers to post millennials the melody of Nani Teri Morni become eternal. The Animated portrayal of this rhyme by Jingle Toon has been viewed over 900 million times on YouTube.

13. The Finger Family Song

  • Channel: thechuchutv
  • Upload Date: 03-20-2015
  • Views: 929,234,995
  • Duration: 5m 52s
  • Type: Kids Nursery Rhyme
  • Language: English

”thechuchuTV” leads in the overall race of most-viewed YouTube videos in India with one more video in the top 20 list. The Finger Family Song is another nursery rhyme released back in 2015 by the CEO of Chu Chu TV Vinoth Chandra himself.

14. High Rated Gabru

  • Channel: T-series
  • Upload Date: 07-04-2017
  • Views: 910,997,197
  • Duration: 3m 37s
  • Type: Music Video
  • Language: Punjabi

With famous hits like ‘Suit Suit’, ‘Lahore’ and ‘Ban Ja Rani’, Guru Randhawa is titled as the most viewed music artist on YouTube. Guru took the T-series audience by storm after dropping High Rated Gabru. Within 6 months of release, the song crossed 500 million views on YouTube.

15. Rain, Rain, Go Away

  • Channel: chuchutv
  • Upload Date: 11-20-2013
  • Views: 895,768,968
  • Duration: 2m 44s
  • Type: Kids Nursery Rhymes
  • Language: English

Indian parents are making the most of technology by educating young minds with YouTube videos while boosting views on kids’ educational YouTube channels like chuchutv.

16. Number Song

  • Channel: chuchutv
  • Upload Date: 08-21-2014
  • Views: 890,062,332
  • Duration: 4m 12s
  • Type: Kids Nursery Rhymes
  • Language: English

As the name says, the video educates kids about the number 1-10. As simple as it may look, the video has been liked by parents all over the globe and is helping kids towards their first step towards learning numbers.

17. Chotu Ke Golgappe | छोटू के गोलगप्पे | 

  • Channel: Khandeshi Movies
  • Upload Date: 01-27-2019
  • Views: 872,853,162
  • Duration: 9m 12s
  • Type: Comedy
  • Language: HIndi

If Kids rhymes don’t surprise you this short comedy vine surely will. This short comedy video features the famous Chotu who wins a Golgappe Stall over a bet of eating 20 plates at once. Khandeshi Movies was started in 2013, since then it has been targeting the rural Indian audience with its comedy series and has gained exceptionally well views on many of its Youtube videos.

18. Guru Randhawa | Lahore | 

  • Channel: Tseries
  • Upload Date: 01-27-2019
  • Views: 850,176,288
  • Duration: 3m 55s
  • Type: Music Video
  • Language: Punjabi

There is no denying the fact that Guru Randhawa leads the face of the music video industry on YouTube in India by releasing back to back hits and topping charts by millions. 

19. Maari 2 – Rowdy Baby

  • Channel: Wunderbar Studios
  • Upload Date: 01-02-2019
  • Views: 839,319,480
  • Duration: 4m 44s
  • Type: Music Video
  • Language: Malayalam

It is the only Malayali video on this top 20 list. Rowdy Baby is a music video from the movie Maari 2. Maari 2 stars Dhanush and Sai Pallavi in lead roles. Music is composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja & video is directed by Balaji Mohan.

20. Swag Se Swagat Song 

  • Channel: YRF
  • Upload Date: 11-21-2017
  • Views: 823,742,650
  • Duration: 2m 50s
  • Type: Music Video
  • Language: Hindi

On the last place of this list of most viewed videos on Youtube in India, we have a music video from the movie- “Tiger Zinda Hai” starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. 

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