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There are days when you just want to chill and watch something that does not add to your already stressful life. Tacoma FD is just that type of a show, it makes you feel good. The comedy TV series is the perfect recipe for a cheerful laugh.

What’s the story line Tacoma FD?

Tacoma FD is a comedy series that airs in the USA on truTV. As the title of the TV series suggests, the story revolves around a Fire Department in the city of Tacoma, Washington State, which is one of the rainiest cities in the entire country.

Firefighters usually have a very low workload in here, since the fire goes out before they could reach. So the firefighters of this city engage in friendly rivalries and competitions to have some fun while they work.


Public Opinion on Tacoma FD Season 1

Tacoma FD Season 1 aired on TruTV on March 28, 2019, with 10 episodes in total. The TV series was very much appreciated by the public. They especially liked the relationship between the characters. Also, people praised that the jokes are not forced upon the audiences and the show is genuinely funny. Although the critics gave mixed reactions to the show.

Public Opinion on Tacoma FD Season 2

At the time of writing this post i.e. March 27, 2020, only one episode of Tacoma FD Season 2 has been aired (March 26, 2020). The rest of the episodes will air once a week and probably will go up to 10 episodes just like the first season. Therefore currently, the public opinion on Tacoma FD Season 2 is not available. But I’ll be sure to update this post once the whole season is completed.

Will there be a Tacoma FD Season 3 and What will be the release date?

At this time it is really difficult to say that there’ll be a Tacoma FD Season 3. The second season has just started airing and the show makers would first want to see the public’s response before committing to the third season.

But in case Tacoma FD Season 3 is confirmed then it will probably air in March next year, just like its prequels.

tacoma fd season 3 info

Tacoma FD Main Cast

Actor’ NameRole
Kevin Heffernan Chief Terry McConky
Eugene Cordero Andy Myawani
Steve Lemme Captain Eddie Penisi
Gabriel Hogan Ike Crystal
Marcus Henderson Granny Smith
Hassie Harrison Lucy McConky

Directors and Crew of Tacoma FD

Network truTV
DirectorsKevin Heffernan
Steve Lemme
EditorFrank McGrath
Production CompaniesFat Man Little Boy
3 Arts Entertainment
Silverscreen Pictures
CastingKevin Heffernan
ComposerJason Akana

Tacoma FD Latest Trailer

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