Riti Riwaj Web Series

The web series industry has undergone remarkable changes in the past few months. While big OTT platforms stick with their conventions, Indian OTT platforms like Ullu created content much liked by the Indian audience.

Ullu web series has grown famous for its boldness and eroticism playing a prominent role in promoting Adult web series in India. After hits like Mona Home Delivery and Dance Bar, Ullu has reached to a large number of people. 

Today we’ll discuss the latest Ullu web series. Rita Riwaj. Another bold web series which follows the story of GhanSham, a villager who ends up having 3 marriages.

Riti Riwaj Ullu Web Series Story/Plot

Genre: Drama, Erotic
Release Date: 17 March 2020
Language: Hindi
Seasons: 2
Platform: ULLU App & MX Player

Riti Riwaj is a new adult show divided into two parts with two different stories. Each part has 3 episodes and is shot in the villages and small towns of India.

Riti Riwaj Part 1: Water Wives

Water Wives is a story of a rural village in India that faces water shortages and women have to travel long distances to fetch water. To manage the work at home and deal with water shortages men marry more than once and divide the work among their wives.

Riti Riwaj Part 2: Wife on Rent

‘Wife on Rent’ as you can guess from its name is a service where a man can rent women to live with him as his wife for some time. But what happens when a woman takes her work too seriously is the premise of this story. 

Riti Riwaj Web Series Trailer

This erotic web series from Ullu gained popularity after its appealing trailer went viral on Youtube crossing 2 million views in just 2 weeks.

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Riti Riwaj Ullu Web Series Cast

This mini-web series from Ullu casts some brand new yet skillful actors. Directed by Ravikant Singh Riti Riwaj is a serious story and involves very little or no humor. Because of the fact that the story doesn’t orbit around just one main lead, the screentime gets divided among the star cast. The side characters do feel a bit lose at times but the main leads are good enough to cover up.

The main cast of Riti Riwaj are as follow:

  • Sanni Singh as Shanta 
Sanni Singh
  • Payal as Beena 
Payal as Beena
  • Yugant Pandey as Bhagat Ram 
Yugant Pandey as Bhagat Ram
  • Vipul Gupta as Prakash
Vipul Gupta as Prakash

Riti Riwaj Ullu Web Series – Episodes

Riti Riwaj is a 2 part web series having 3 episodes in each part. It will not be a good idea to breakdown each and every episode here as Ullu web series run on a basic story so doing so may ruin your suspense. It wouldn’t take much time to binge-watch these episodes at once since each episode is just 23 min long.

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How To Download Riti Riwaj Web Series?

Downloading Ullu web series is very simple and easy. The basic plans start as low as RS.36 making it a very affordable choice for the viewers. For people who aren’t able to stream videos online due to network issues, the Ullu app gives an option to download web series offline and watch it later.

Follow these simple steps to download/watch Riti Riwaj Web series :

  • Firstly you need to download the streaming app of Ritii Riwaj i.e Ullu App or Mx Player.
  • The next obvious thing to do is open the app and type in the search box “Riti Riwaj” and click search.
  • This will lead you to the main page of “Riti Riwaj web series”.
  • Now you have two options, either watch online or download Riti Riwaj into your device.
  •  Click the play button on episode one to play online or click the download button to keep it saved on your device and watch later.

FAQs On Riti Riwaj

Can I watch Ullu web series for free?

Yes, it is possible to watch a few Ullu web series for free on apps like Mx player and Ullu. The subscription cost is lowest among all OTT platforms in India so it’s next to free.

Where can I download Ullu App?

You can download Ullu app on Play Store for Android and on App Store for IOS.

Can I watch every Ullu content for free legally?

As mentioned only some of Ullu’s content is free for public. So there is no legal way to watch every UllU content for free.

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